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Mar 18, 2013 6:00am PDT
of those who remain are turning to technology to try to boost their competitiveness. nhk world shows us what they're doing. >> a professor of agriculture. he may not look like he is raising livestock, but he is. with his smart phone. he activates a speaker on a cattle farm, 130 kilometers away. the animals gather for lunch. with another tap on his phone, he releases their feed. . he developed a system with the help of a communications company. his team is experimenting with ways to monitor the health of his livestock from a remote location. they touch senators to the animals that measure body temperatures and heart rates. >> we're hoping to make the livestock industry more labor efficient. it would be great to revitalize the industry together with young people. >> there are no cows to keep an eye on on this farm. they're using a cloud computing system. >> a junior farm employee snaps pictures with the company smart phone. >> translator: i don't know much about insects or plant diseases yet, so if i see anything, i upload pictures to the network. a senior farmer at the company headquarte
Mar 25, 2013 6:00am PDT
further cooperation in developing military technology such as surface-to-air missile and aerial tankers. chinese defense ministry representatives say their military relationship with russia is not directed at any third country. but the weapons deal comes as china remains locked in a dispute with neighboring nations over territory in the east china sea and the south china sea. chinese leaders are expanding their military budget. the country's defense spending has surged nearly fourfold in the past decade. >>> populous, prosperous, pushing ahead. china's ride, power, and problems. an income gap divides it's people, pollution threatens their health, and trained relations with their neighbors. find out about the challenges china faces on "newsline." >>> police in south korea say a cyber attack is being investigated. malware affected tv stations and banks say it disabled more than 32,000 computers. members of a task force have detected ip addresses to the u.s. and three european countries. they have not disclosed the names, but they have asked for cooperation to track down the original sourc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2